Accelerate businesses with the law.

Innovated with Law

Our law firm is utilizing a vast amount of knowledge and experience of internet businesses to provide top quality services to IT venture companies and start-up companies.We take great pleasure in contributing to the dissemination and promotion of new services and ideas that continue to push the boundaries of technology and the internet.

Our Vision

We will continue to push innovation forward and work toward a more comfortable and prosperous society by providing easily accessible legal services to entrepreneurs trying to innovate.

Achieving innovation in the legal space

Law tends to be thought of as focusing on regulations and is known to create obstacles at times, but even though our firm has spent many years learning and mastering the law, we want to offer a service that is unparalleled by our competitors. Regardless of the challenges that law sometimes presents, we want to work toward incredible innovations that can be appreciated the world over. That is the primary goal of our office, and we plan to see our customers ideas through to the end.

As a member of Seven Rich Group, we have opportunities not available to most, allowing us to offer reasonably priced and exceptional services not available anywhere else.

We are experts in legal matters, but we will support you so we can grow together as business partners, utilizing the law to our best possible advantage.

About us

Address: Shibuya-Hashimoto Bldg. 9F, 5-5, Shibuya-Maruyama-Cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 150-0044

TEL: +81-3-6206-1106


Kazuki Ishihara, CEO, Attorney at Law

Our philosophy

There is a word in Japanese that encompasses the philosophy of our firm. It is 明鏡止水 (meikyoushisui) which means the state of mind where you can think clearly and with calmly, comparing your mind to that of a mirror or a clear morning lake.

The logo of our office represents 明鏡止水. With Mt.Fuji standing strong, and the libra, a symbol of balance and harmony, being reflected in the lake’s surface.
With this in mind, our management philosophy reflects our way of life. Our way of representing our clients without giving up our beliefs.