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We pledge to work towards a better future and to make the world even more incredible.
We will do our utmost to support entrepreneurs who believe in their own thoughts and goals by applying the law. Our law firm has many years of experience in promoting innovative and new industrial fields.

Aiming to be Innovative Lawyers in Advanced Fields

What we are particularly interested in studying is the Virtual Youtuber / Live Gaming Industry, IoT / Hardware Tech Industry, and the Sharing Economy Industry. To that effect, we are currently working with a major vacation rental business with a focus on the sharing economy. How can we continue to enrich not only Japan but the World? We pledge to do our very best every day to firmly support innovative companies, that help change the world, by applying the law.


Seven Rich Law
KAZUKI ISHIHARA, Representative Attorney at Law

A Law Office with a deep understanding of new industries and innovative services

We have a strong commitment to enhancing our own knowledge, through continued education for our employees, involving the latest industrial and technological advancements. We offer not only legal help, but can also advise on the state of the industries we specialize in.

Legal services best suited for Startup- ¥ 7,000/month (excluding tax)

Provides you with three essential services for a start-up company.
At a minimum, this plan includes the three services that entrepreneurs should pay particular attention to when starting a new business in Japan. Therefore, our law firm can provide many consultations related to the entrepreneurship and new business fields to support our customers. This also comes at a very reasonable price.he three services we offer for this plan are as follows

  • Reviewing Non-Disclosure Agreements

    There is always a risk when exposing your ideas and business plans to any potential partners. With our help, we can review NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to ensure the security of your business.

  • Online legal consultations

    You can get in touch with us online for a legal meeting at any time. Also, with our vast knowledge, we can provide you with expert help in many different areas of business (only available online).

  • Provision of contract template

    We will provide you with useful templates for drafting contracts for some of the most common business situations (NDAs, Memorandum of Understanding on Handling of Personal Information, Written Transaction Contracts, system development contracts, etc. as soon as requested).

Legal services best suited for growing venture companies- ¥ 50,000/month (excluding tax)

This plan is best suited to venture companies which require regular consultations, drafting any contracts on a monthly basis or when you just want to outsource your legal services. You will be able to contact us 7 days a week, whatever the issue.
The primary services we offer for this plan are as follows

  • Terms of Service

    Work with us to create terms of service for your business. Allowing customers to fully understand what you're offering while minimizing risk for you and your business.

  • Contract risk check

    We will check contracts from your clients and customers to find any potential disadvantages, hidden risks, as well as proposing changes and advising with the best way to proceed.

  • Check the legality of new ideas and services

    To ensure your business continues to run smoothly, we offer the opportunity to check any potential ideas or services your company would like to implement. This allows you to focus more on driving your ideas forward while we focus on the smaller details.

“One-time orders” (consultation necessary) services as and when they are needed

If you have an urgent request, and if you are not familiar with the latest in IT, you can use this service to judge whether or not you need an advisory lawyer. We will design a flexible service around your individual needs.

  • Legal Service package for Applications: 100,000 yen (excluding tax)

    This package includes all of the legal services required by customers when creating smartphone applications. —— Customers’ Terms, Privacy Policy, Notation of Special Commercial Code, Notation of Funds Settlement Law, Legality Check

  • Establishing Company package: 350,000 yen(excluding tax)

    All of the legal services required for customers to start their own company in Japan are included,—— Establishment Procedure, Founder Shareholder Agreement, Reviewing legality of new business, Investment Agreement with Investors, Introducing VC and Angel Investors.

  • Agreement for the development of IT systems: 60,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

    There is more to contract development than just risk management. It is important for contractors and trustees to prepare contracts in line with the actual situation to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

More details

We always strive to provide clients with the optimal courses of action based on our client’s requests.

In addition to general legal services, we are also familiar with venture businesses that provide and create new services and opportunities, allowing us to assist our clients swiftly, at any time.

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