Kazuki Ishihara / Kazuki Ishihara(en)

Representative Attorney
Patent Attorney
C. E. O, Attorney at Law
Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association
From Hyogo Prefecture
Kyoto University Faculty of Law
Kobe University Law School


The reason why I became a lawyer was that I thought that it was an excellent opportunity for me to challenge myself and to grow as a person. Lawyers are nothing more than people with licenses, but once you have that license, you get a voice with which you can speak to those who may not hear you otherwise. I think this is crucial for reaching people and having a positive impact on their lives.
It is not because I think Lawyers have any special privileges that others do not, but more for the fact that we can work together with others to really utilize the law as a tool, not confront it as an obstacle


Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation. In the Legal Department etc. engaged in general corporate legal matters such as conducting law surveys, contract preparation, subsidiary management, executive office secretariat
Joined Kubota Law Firm, worked at the Tokyo office in a global law firm and was established independently by the official partner.
In addition to business related to intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, etc., I was engaged in a wide range of business such as corporate legal matters (disputed cases/non-disputed cases) such as bankruptcy property cases,
Established Seven Rich Law, which provides legal services dedicated to startups and internet venture companies.


● General Counsel, Collabit Inc. (current position)
● Corporate Auditor, Coconala Co., Ltd. (current position)
●Corporate Auditor, Mirrativ Inc. (current position)
● Representative Director, Legaltec Inc. (current position)
● Secretariat, Sharing Economy Japan Association (current post)
● The official authorized agent, Nippon Professional Baseball
● Licensing Executive Society (LES)
●Japan In-house Lawyer Association (JILA)
● Japan Content Team, Intellectual Property Lawyer Net (IPLNET)


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